Restoration of the waiting room for the Empress’ ladies-in-waiting

The waiting room for the Empress’ ladies-in-waiting is located on the ground floor of the château, amid the Empress’ Petits Appartements, more intimate spaces with fewer constraints. These spaces were furnished at Napoleon’s request for Josephine from 1807. This room constitutes a boudoir between the Salon Jaune and the Empress’ bathroom. Her ladies-in-waiting could gather before going on duty.

The quality of the objects and furniture in this room is highlighted by the lighting effects of the satins, the gilded woods and the bronzes. Like in many of the spaces intended for the Empress, much importance is given to the fabrics used. The two windows and the back wall (opening of the alcove) were dressed with crossed-curtains : one in white taffeta, the other in orange taffeta, both in green silk recalling the damask seats.

A majority of the salon’s furniture has been restored thanks to the C2RMF and present particularly spectacular First Empire trimmings. The three pairs of curtains were returned thanks to the Fondation du Patrimoine, and the Club des Mécènes from Seine-et-Marne as well as to the generosity of several donors who took part in the fundraising campaign.

Project management

Vincent COCHET, curator in chief Direction du patrimoine et des collections


Trimmings : DECLERQ Making and installation of the curtains : MAISON BRAZET


Fondation du Patrimoine - Club des Mécènes du Patrimoine Seine-et-Marne

Mme Laurence DOUVIN


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