The Corner Salon of the Papal Apartment

Situated in the southern-most section of the Gros Pavillon (Large Pavilion), the Corner Salon of the Papal Apartment belonging to Pope Pius VII looms over the Étang des Carpes (Carp Pond) and its Pavilion on the water. Subsequently employed as royal apartments and imperial apartments, this set of rooms is a witness to periods that have shaped the rich history of Fontainebleau. A privileged spot during the Second Empire, the Corner Salon was furnished as a reception room under Napoleon III to serve guests of the imperial family, and in particular madame de Beauharnais, cousin to Empress Josephine.

In order to return the splendor to this salon, enhanced and made more comfortable by exquisite textile work, it is necessary to carry out a general restoration of the imperial furniture and to reweave the length of brocade that is needed to fabricate the curtains and seat covers.

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