The Curtains in the Drawing room of the Empress’ Ladies in waiting

The Drawing Room belonging to the Empress’ ladies in waiting is located on the ground floor of the château, within the series of rooms known as the Petits Appartements (Small Apartments) of the Empress. The rooms were fitted out for Empress Josephine in 1807 on Napoleon’s request, and represent a private space where the Empress and her ladies could escape the constraints of etiquette required in the apartments on the floor above.

Employed as a boudoir, and situated between the yellow Salon and Josephine’s dressing rooms, the Drawing Room was a place where the ladies in waiting could assemble while waiting to be called on for services to the Empress.

At the time of its use by Empress Josephine and her ladies, the two windows and the back wall were decorated in intersecting curtains ; one in white taffeta and the other in orange taffeta, and both adorned with tassels in green silk, echoing the damask of the chairs. In line with the tastes of the period, the effects of transparency and color created endless variants and displays of luminosity in the salon.

The curtains vanished during building and decoration work executed under the Second Empire. Their restoration is a main element required in order to restore the room to its elegant state under the First Empire.

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