The Papal Apartment

One of the château’s most important apartments after the sovereigns’ apartments, the papal apartment was created in 1804 by connecting two adjoining apartments.

This was formerly the Queen Mothers’ apartment after the widowed Anne of Austria retired there, and the older section is located into the 16th century wing. Its newer section extends into the adjoining spaces of the Grand Pavilion built by Gabriel in 1750. Named after the two visits which Pius VII made to it in 1804 and 1812-1814, it retains the title of Papal Apartment, although today the only remaining relic from the era is a portrait of the pope by David which hangs on the wall. The opulent décor and high-quality furnishings are evidence of Napoleon III and Eugenie’s refined but eclectic tastes ; they redecorated the rooms in the 1860s while retaining the remarkable ceilings of the former chamber of Henry II and that of Anne of Austria.

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