The Pond Pavilion

Constructed in 1662, Louis Le Vau designed the octagonal Pavillon de l’Etang (Pond Pavilion) on the request of Louis XIV to harmonize with the nearby Grand Parterre, devised by André Le Nôtre. Surrounded by these magnificent gardens, the pavilion appears to float on the water and is only accessible by boat.

The Pavilion provided a haven of tranquility to its occupants, and was enjoyed by several sovereigns during private events and dinners for its extraordinary view of the château. This emblematic treasure is a reflection of the soul of the château that Napoleon referred to as the “house of the ages”. The pavilion was given its final act under the Second Empire, when it was comfortably furnished by Empress Eugénie to welcome her guests.

After suffering from deterioration at the end of the eighteenth century, the pavilion was partially reconstructed and restored under Napoleon I and fitted out with painted wooden panels. It is in need of new restoration that would secure its foundations and return its décor to its state of imperial magnificence.

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