Napoleon on the couch – As you’ve never seen before

FRENCH LANGUAGE What man was Napoleon really like? Was he racist? Homophobic? Megalomaniac? Pillard? Islamophile? Anglophobic? Slavery restorer? Com’ genius? Failed writer? Predator? Misogynist?….. Two hundred years after his death, this book examines all the facets of the subject « Napoleon Bonaparte » as if he had lay on the couch of a psychoanalyst. Thus it appears to us in all its complexity, elusive « chameleon » of History. Illustrated by exceptional works by Picasso, Dalí, Turner, Magritte, this book provides a unique testimony to this little emigrant who became the founder of modern France, who still fascinates the whole world. Napoleon, professor of energy and will, will forever embody the imagination in power, the self-made-man par excellence. French language 232 pages Flammarion Publishing

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